Annette is the best European public relations consultant I've ever worked with. Her long-standing relationships across the whole of Europe have dramatically increased the awareness of IPextreme across Europe. She is an active member of our extended marketing team, pro-actively opening opportunities and participating in the strategy of how to best tell our story to the world. As strategies are set, she develops projects and manages them through to completion.

Warren Savage,
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Over the last 20 years, Annette Bley PR has handled UK or European PR for a wide variety of technology companies, covering sectors such as semiconductors, telecoms, mobile, cleantech, electronic design automation, power and biometrics. Clients have ranged from large corporations (Philips) to the smallest start-ups (Cadence - from its earliest days).

The agency has built its reputation on a flexible, cost-effective approach and a wide network of contacts. Clients appreciate the fact that a dedicated consultant works with them from start to finish, understanding and balancing their requirements with the varying needs of journalists across Europe. They gain a partner who can operate at all levels; effective when building strategies and efficient when tying down the fine details.
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